Borneo Leaves Showpeel

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Showpeel mats are ~8.5" (21 cm) x 11" (28 cm) and come with instructions.

Borneo Leaves Showpeel

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Big, bigger, biggest! These leaves are so big, we could only fit three of them per sheet. The gentle tear drop shapes evoke the broad splendor of a lush rain forest. These wide, beautiful leaves reflect generosity and abundance and are ideal for slumping into a contoured shape to make that relaxed, droopy leaf look. The rain will run right off them. To make the leaves; cut out the four silicone leaf peels, dip them into hot sugar or Isomalt and attach them to your showpiece. A spot of airbrushing, and your casting is finished! The silicone Showpeels can also be used for texturing chocolate, pastillage or fondant. (Comes with instructions.)

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